Season Entry


Save $X by getting yourself a season pass to all five rounds of Huttcross.



The Huttcross crew is stoked to bring you the first round in our 2019 series!

Start times

  • C Grade: 9:30am
  • Kids’ race: 10:15am
  • B Grade: 10:30am
  • A Grade: 11:30am

You must check in at the rego tent at least 30 minutes before your race. Otherwise, your result will not be recorded.

Online entries are non-refundable and non-transferable. Huttcross is run entirely by volunteers, and refunds/transfers make lots of extra work for us.

Event Waiver

I agree to comply with the rules of the Huttcross Cyclocross Club Inc when participating in this event. I recognise that cyclocross is an inherently risky and physically challenging activity. I take personal responsibility for my fitness, experience, and actions during this event. I agree to release the event organisers and all other persons involved in the event from any liability arising in relation to personal injury, or loss of or damage to equipment, or any other matter connected to the event. I authorise the use of my name and picture to be used in any capacity relating to the event without payment. I accept that my entry is non-refundable and non-transferable.